Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Magic of Advertising…

Advertising is never new to me. This craft has been my cup of tea over the years. Since I am a graduate of Mass Communication, I had a thorough experience and comprehensive knowledge on various types and kinds of advertising. I have been so used to it and have embraced such as it becomes my passion and profession.

The word advertising is taken from the Latin word “advertir,” which figuratively means to sell. It is also noted as the paid communication by an identified sponsor which seeks to promote and sell the qualities of any products whether – goods or services, through various uncontrolled media with the goal of creating a favorable consumer buying behavior.

Advertising uses a paid communication medium. It gets through different mass media channels in reaching its target audiences and clientele. The products and services may be seen advertised and promoted via television, radio, print, and the most widely used, the Internet.

The art of selling through advertising gives benefits to a wide variety of individuals, institutions, agencies and business sectors. These may be the consumers, customers, clients, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, government entities, and other marketing or commercialized agencies.

More so, the key concept for advertising is the power to convince… persuasion. The people behind such ads should always bear in mind these strong ideas: make them read, learn, believe, get persuaded, and act necessarily.

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