Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shopping: My Anti-stress Therapy

I simply love shopping. I consider it as my way of reducing stresses and fatigue. I also perceive it as my therapy to give myself a break or to treat myself out after long days of work.

Whenever I go out to shop or at least purchase anything, I always see to it that it has good quality at its most reasonable price – surely, a good buy. I make sure that the amount of money compensates the product and make me satisfied and happy. So, most of the time, I take advantage of midnight sales, bazaars and the like where I could have lots of discounts and freebies.

There is nothing wrong in being so meticulous, detailed and particular with the stuffs that we buy or purchase. In fact, it is our right to choose what is the best product for us.

It is high time for us to learn more on how to make good buys since holiday season comes so near. It is believed that this is when people love to exchange gifts and share to others whatever they have – a time of sharing and gift giving. With this, shopping becomes a good practice or habit of all. This is when much more people love to go to and shop in different malls and marketplaces.

Indeed, many would agree when I say that shopping is fun and exciting. However, we have to be wiser in buying items or any products. So, just like all of us who are not just wise but also practical shoppers, let us all keep it up.

Cheers! Happy shopping…


Bev's Jewelry said...

I like to "window shop" better than buying things. I'm really cheap. But when there are things I need to buy, I am a very careful shopper. I check the internet for items that don't need to be tried on (not clothes or shoes)Then off I go with information in hand. That seems to make me feel better.

Francine said...

Hi. Maybe you would like to window shop at my store on I am an artist/crafter and Christmas is coming. Check out some of my wreaths and I always add new products. Thanks.