Thursday, January 1, 2009

Choose to excel… Choose Our Lady of Fatima University!

Are you looking for an educational school that can give you both academic excellence and eventually financial freedom and stability? Do you wish to be a man of service with much professionalism and commitment? Well, I think you have gotten into the right page. Log on and see it for yourself


To improve man as man by developing individuals through a legacy of excellent education and compassionate value formation. The noble dictum “Improving Man as Man” embodies the existence of Fatima Medical Science Foundation, Inc. and Our Lady of Fatima University as educational institutions dedicated to the holistic formation of men and women imbued with necessary skills, virtues and academics development.


Our Lady of Fatima University has various campuses all over the prominent and big cities of the Philippines. It has a wide array of offered courses in different fields of arts and sciences. Here is the list...


College of Medicine
• Doctor of Medicine
• Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

College of Dentistry
• Doctor of Dental Medicine

• Master of Arts in Teaching*
• Master of Arts in Education
• Master of Arts in Nursing
• Master in Business Administration*
• Master of Arts in Public Administration*
• Certificate in Professional Education*

* Non-Thesis


College of Nursing/School of Midwifery
• B.S. in Nursing
• Midwifery (2 yrs.)
• Caregiver Course (6 months)
• Practical Nursing (2 Years)
• Medical Transcription

College of Medical Technology
• B.S. in Medical Technology

College of Pharmacy
• B.S. in Pharmacy

College of Physical/Occupational Therapy
• B.S. in Physical Therapy
• B.S. in Occupational Therapy

College of Hotel & Restaurant Management
• B.S. in Hotel & Restaurant Management
• B.S. in Tourism
• B.S. in Travel Management
• B.S. in Nutrition & Dietetics
• Hotel & Restaurant Services (2 years)
• Baking/Pastry Production NC II
• Bar tending NC II
• Commercial Cooking NC II
• Food and Beverage Services NC II
• Front Office Services NC II

• Housekeeping NC II

College of Computer Science
• B.S. in Computer Science
• B.S. in Information Technology
• Associate in Computer Technology (2 years)

College of Maritime Education
• B.S. in Marine Transportation
• B.S. in Marine Engineering
• 10 Month Seafarer's Ratings Course (Deck, Steward or Engine)

College of Arts & Sciences
• B.S. in Psychology
• B.S. in Biology
• B.S. in Zoology

College of Criminology
• B.S. in Criminology

College of Education
• B.S. in Elementary Major in Early Childhood Education
• B.S. in Secondary Education Major in English

College of Business Administration
• B.S. in Business Administration (Commerce)
Major in Business Management
• B.S. in Business Administration (Commerce)
Major in Marketing Management


With its dedication and commitment to achieve educational goals, it consistently molds and prepares the students to achieve academic excellence and to be able to compete and lead in the international arena.

Over the years, it has been providing young people with genuine and great opportunities to build careers, both locally and globally, through its global linkages and recognitions as well as its unique academic programs.

At present, Our Lady of Fatima University stands proud as one of the country’s most distinguished centers for learning arts, sciences and many more.

So, to the next generation of leaders and professionals, I invite you to choose Our Lady of Fatima University and be a part of its community of scholars and intellectuals.


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