Thursday, July 2, 2009

EXTEEL: Let Us Try Online Games Today

I admit it. I do not play online games but my hubby does. Whenever he has free time, he sees to it that he spends it with his online games like Ikariam, Travian and Freesky. Before I used to get irritated every time I saw him playing his online games instead of spending his breaks and offs with us – our little prince and me, and most of all, I was pissed off whenever he stayed up very, very late just to play and chat with his online allies, his teammates.

But not now, since I see him happy and satisfied with the kind of fun, excitement and thrill his online games have been providing him, I also feel happy for him. So, I let him be – letting him play, play and play his online games.

It was during my research class when one of groups of researchers asked me if I would allow them to conduct a study on one of the latest online games we have right now in our country, the Exteel, a free online game. Many teens, young adults and yuppies are getting hooked with this online game. They say that this challenging game enables them to play at their best – enhancing some of your skills at the same time.

With this in mind, I made a personal research on this as I am their thesis adviser – have to know and learn the game first before I let them venture, play with it. And so I did… here are some of my clippings on this online game – Exteel. Read on…

NCsoft’s Team Beam puts you in command of a Mechanaught – a powerful bipedal walking war machine. On Exteel’s futuristic battlegrounds, these giant robots are the key to ultimate victory.

Choose a high-speed, light-weight model, wielding dual-blades, or choose a lumbering heavy-weight unit armed with a devastating siege cannon. Create your own devastating Mechanaught using thousands of parts and weapons in almost unlimited combinations.

• Exteel is a free to play! With this, you can get into the action.
• A micro-payment called NCcoin** system allows you to purchase more powerful weapons, skills, and parts for your Mechanaught.
• Create a persistent mercenary pilot who grows in experience and rank through PvP battles.
• Customize your Mechanaught for your own play style. Choose from a extensive selection of parts and arm it from a large arsenal of lethal weapons.
• Combat is an adrenaline-fueled blend of high-speed gun-play, melee combat and think fast or die tactics.
• Decide on one of four battle modes: Death Match, Team Death Match, Territory Control, or Last Stand.
• Purchase Skills that allow you to perform wild, devastating combination attacks.
• A forthcoming detailed ranking system allows players to compare their victories, assists, and defeats.
• Blends the immersive thrill of an FPS with the furious and brutal intensity of Hong Kong gun-play mixed with the feel of classic robot anime.

My hubby says he will try it on his own so as to help me get into it better – familiarizing its wonders, techniques, strategies and features. Let us all try this online game and please let me know your insights and feedback on this Exteel online thing.

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