Monday, February 14, 2011

PANLAPU: The Philippine Miracle Herbal Eyedrops

PANLAPU herbal eye drops has become a trend in many forum and thread over the web with regard to eye problems, EENT infections, cataract and glaucoma prevention, natural treatment for eye problems and more. Panlapu cam from the words Panay (Panay Island) and Lapunaya (also known as the Mayana Plant in Panay Island).

Mayana Plant 101 - Know more about this herbal plant. Read it HERE.

God's gift to mankind, many different herb plants like that of Mayana Plant have amazing healing powers that have become a certified natural therapeutic solution for many diseases and other pathological conditions.

PANLAPU has also been featured in Manila Bulletin and the feedback has become Read Mrs. Nelly Villafuerte's review HERE.

Miracle Herbal EyeDrops - now and still available online. =)

Help you get rid of EENT problems and infections.

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