Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Nexus 9, the Most Reliable Tablet by Google

Photo Credit: Google.com
If you are in search for the best tablet, I strongly suggest you consider this gadget by Google. Nexus 9 is unbelievably equipped with a variety of features that will surely amaze you.
Nexus 9 is using Android Lollipop OS, the fastest operating system created by Google as of this date. The manufacturer also installed NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor and a whopping 2gb RAM. With this, you can be assured of a bug-free and comfy internet browsing, gaming or any other activities you can do with your tablet. 
Photo Credit: Google.com
Aside from its great speed, this gadget is also beautifully designed. Its 8.9" screen is indeed suitable for working and watching, yet its size is still handy. It also has dual built-in camera, front speakers and micro-USB connector.
Google also improved Nexus 9's battery life by installing a technology that prevents draining when the tablet screen is not in use. 
See more of its features and updates on their website.

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