Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Thinkware F770 Dash Cam Review

Owning a dash cam has become more than just a fad or a vehicle accessory. Dash cam footages are mostly used by the car owners and insurance companies to determine who’s at fault in the event of a road accident or car collision. Aside from this huge advantage, dash cams tend to give you the peace of mind you deserve as well as an extra pair of eyes to see things and record everything while on the road.

No doubt, dash cam owners would surely recommend that you invest your hard-earned money to buy a good one. Thus, settling for a dash cam brand that has guaranteed you with quality, advanced features, technical specs, and settings that likewise give you value for money. South Korean software company and premium dashboard camera provider, Thinkware, seems to have it all. Now, what its dash cam has for you? Read on and get convinced why buying your own F770 ASAP is so worth it.

Rewards You with a Worry-Free Highway or City Driving
To date, Thinkware F770 has gained its popularity since its launch for its high-definition capture, multiple storage options, image correction, easy installation, and other additional key features.

Its functional features include the following:

·         GPS Sensor and G-Sensor
These options are ideally integrated to detect accidents. Its Active Impact Monitoring System automatically stores the video data 10 seconds prior to and after a collision registered by its 3-axis G-Sensor.

·         Advanced Driver Safety Technologies
Though some features may not be available in all countries, its Lane Departure, Front Collision, Safety Camera Alert, and Voice Prompt Warning systems, including Red Light, Speed Cameras, Average Speed, and Mobile Zone, all attribute to a more protected journey. Imagine how convenient it could be to get notified by a voice alert in case a possible collision or accident might occur.

·         Parking Surveillance Mode
This feature is often requested by many car owners. Good thing this F770 supports parking surveillance mode which carries on vehicle monitoring even when the ignition is off. A mishmash of motion detection and impact monitoring protect your unattended vehicle from the usual hit-and-run incidents. However, this parking recording mode option can only be activated upon installing the F770 with the hardwiring cable provided. Still, it’s always as easy as it gets.

·         Autonomous Recording Modes
This all-new Thinkware F770 has three recording modes that all add up to its CCTV-like features. These include the Continuous Recording Mode where recorded videos are stored in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism, the Event or Incident Recording Mode where the aforementioned Active Impact Monitoring System does the job, and the Manual Recording Mode that acts similarly to a video camera – capturing everything that goes along your way.

·         Super Night Vision
One common problem a typical dash cam has is its inability to capture and record clear videos at night due to the absence of good light or every time you are in a dark alley or basement parking lot. During these times, accurately identifying information from the image becomes a struggle.

Good news, with the latest F770’s Super Night Vision, through its ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology and the real-time image processing functions, images are then shot and recorded 10 times brighter and clearer than dash cams’ earlier models particularly during nighttime parking mode.

·         Nighttime Picture Quality Correction
Relative to the previously discussed feature, video images recorded during nighttime driving on dark streets and alleyways are mostly challenging to figure out. Another feature that this top-tier dash cam is proud of are its standard enhancement sensors that include brightness and color control as well as noise cancellation.

More so, the dashboard camera uses auto image correction technology that promises the most reliable video quality regardless of the road conditions and light availability. This “auto correct” function likewise incorporates the following: Intelligent Auto Exposure, Smart Focusing System, Noise Reduction System, and the ACCE (Adaptive Color & Contrast Enhancement).

·         Automatic Exposure
This function delimits the level of light exposure which enables to preserve its vivid, crisp, and clear video recordings in various occurrences. As for an ordinary dash cam, sudden presence of light exposure, as caused by strong sunlight or glaring headlight beams of incoming vehicles, makes it really difficult to assess the situation. However, this automatic exposure option does the trick and unravels then recording issues.

·         Time Lapse
It’s surely a big problem if some important clips and images are deleted due to insufficient memory space during long continuous recordings, especially during a very long drive or in standard parking recording mode. This usually occurs when a large memory for saving 15 to 30 frames per second is then required.

Hence, you need not to worry for F770’s unique “Time Lapse Photography” feature solves all these concerns of those car owners who usually park their wheels during long periods of time that do require continuous recording. What’s more amazing about this is that it carries on recording 16 times longer than other dash cams.

Generally Works Well With Your Smartphones
Classified as one of the most innovative flagships of dash cams, this latest generation of Thinkware Dash Cam integrates a wide range of new, functional features to give you improved performance and safety all throughout your journey. Its dual channel – Front and Rear Full HD 1920 x 1080 at 30fps 32GB dash cams – uniquely allow the users to configure the settings of your dash cam through his or her smart phone or live view (both Android and iOS supported) powered by its built-in Wi-Fi.

Likewise, F770 uses its database of camera locations and GPS technology to alert you to safety camera locations towards a more convenient navigation.

Enhances Your Driving Experience
True enough, this innovative dash cam truly lives up to its reputation that it is more than just a camera. Many would then agree that it’s your ultimate driving partner – a very reliable assistant that promises secure driving and traveling for everyone.

You’ve heard the PROS, now here are its CONS:
There are only a couple of minimal and tolerable disadvantages that this top-tier Thinkware F770 dash cam flagship has. First, most users agree that it’s a bit pricey than a typical dash cam; however, you are then assured that you certainly get what you pay for. Another thing is that you are required to set-up and configure your smartphone which for some may add another layer of complexity.

Nonetheless, its dash cam key features are extensive and very useful. You’d surely get value for money and enjoy the kind of peace of mind and protection you’ve always wanted.

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