Sunday, August 31, 2008

Four Key Points in Preparing an Advertisement

Preparing or making an advertisement is not as easy as ABC. It requires the right knowledge, expertise, skill and experience, and the prompt and effective approach to persuade or convince the targets.

Here are some important factors that advertisers must consider:

Attention. Each ad should be catchy, friendly to the eyes of the recipients, and can be remembered easily. Each must create an impact and leave a trademark that will make the products or services being advertised different among the others in the industry. Grabbing the attention of the target market should be the very first thing to do by any advertisers. One should make his own gimmick, trick or strategy.

Interest. Getting someone’s interest in the advertising field is never an easy task. You have to get their attention and make them hooked into it just to keep them. This is to create curiosity – making the targets curious enough and be much eager to know and learn more about the products and services.

Details. The advertising agency must provide the targets the complete details and information that they need to know and understand with regard to each product and service being promoted. These points and features may result to purchasing the products and patronizing the services.

Action. Each ad posted or publicized via Internet has to call for action. Make them place an order, have a business transaction, or at least make an inquiry. An ad’s success greatly depends on the outcome of making the targets get interested, ask, inquire, and purchase.

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Penelope Smith said...

Great Tips. I really wish it were that easy. lol. It still can be hard to come up with the wordage. I will try to put your tips to use.