Sunday, September 7, 2008

Avoiding Annoying Online Advertisements

Businesses advertise their products and services simply to gain popularity and increase chances of being patronized by internet fanatics and shoppers. Yet, some advertisers seem not to be aware that many advertising strategies annoy prospective buyers.

Here are some of the reasons why many browsers do not patronize an advertised product or services:

1. Pop-out advertising
2. Slow loading websites
3. Playing tricks on click buttons or images
4. Advertisement window without “close” or “back” button
5. Failure to lay down sufficient information about the product or services offered
6. Advertisement window that covers large portion of the web page
7. Blinking advertisement
8. Moving window
9. Audio played automatically

Online advertisements must be exact and honest. Credibility is the best way to make customers buy your products and keep them coming back.

Another thing, you must be sure that your products are competitive enough. Advertisement may become non-sense if clients sees your product too expensive compared to others with same quality.

Choose the proper advertising techniques and be assured of positive results.

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chess addict said...

I am annoyed in this kind of blog. I just choose 1 blog to have all those adverts that I want.