Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Things You Should Know about Window Rock in Arizona

Traveling has given you lots of rewards. Aside from the thrilling yet relaxing travel experiences, it gives you the feelings of joy and fulfillment that only traveling could offer. Likewise, this lets you indulge in many things that – though often taken for granted – are actually life’s greatest gifts: people, nature, culture, experience, and food. For one, when you visit and explore Window Rock Arizona, you are then assured that you get them all in one great package, from nothing to a very minimal expenditure.

Window Formation of Sandstone Arch – A Glimpse from the Past
Perhaps, the next question you have in mind is: Where is Window Rock Arizona? Neighboring to the Arizona and New Mexico state line and lying within the confines of St. Michaels Chapter, the small yet serene city of Window Rock is the capital of the iconic Navajo Nation.

With just almost 2700 population (as of July 2016) of whom 95 percent are native Americans, Window Rock, AZ takes pride of its main attraction, the window rock formation, of which the town is named after. Housing a handful tourist spots and historical hubs such as the Navajo Nation Museum, the Navajo Nation Zoological and Botanical Park, the Navajo Nation Code Talkers World War II memorial, and the Ch'ihootso Indian Market Place, the primary “the-red-rock-with-a-hole-through-it” landmark continues to make a name among its sister travel destinations.

Cultural Heritage Tour at Its Finest
This amazing 200-foot tall burnt red-stone arch with a perfect hole in it is by far more than just a community milestone. And as for the full-blown locals, this Window Rock is a symbolic pledge for the Navajo people as they preserve the legacy of its customs and traditions such as the Navajo Water Way Ceremony, also known as “Tóee”. With all its rich history and heritage, recreational visitors can surely have a blissful yet educational nature tripping exactly where window rock Arizona is.

Value for Money Nature Escapade
Vouching for the guests’ modest yet really breathtaking travel experience in their small community, the locals of Window Rock Arizona surely know how to repay their visitors well since tourism has been one of their major growing industries. Each traveler is then assured of a worry-free and ultimately relaxing and calm family weekend or holiday getaway.

Lots of Meek Yet Fun Activities to Choose from
So if you’re tired of the usual blare of the busy city life, Window Rock is an ideal place to be. You get to enjoy a wide variety of fun activities that everyone will definitely never forget. Ranging from family picnics, RV camping, heritage tours, learning arts and crafts, catching the breathtaking view of its scenic sunrise and sunset, and participating in special local events (usually during summer and fall), all these and more you can bask to get the much-awaited optimum relaxation that you truly deserve.

Meanwhile, its wellness and sports centers also offer a lot of scheduled activities both for the kids and the young-at-hearts when all you have to do is to check on them prior to your planned trip. There is also a room for adventurous people who have the passion for some challenging quests like hiking, trekking, off-highway and scenic drives that would not only make you sweat and let you catch your breath but most importantly, amuse you with its beautiful and panoramic views.

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