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WestWood Gardens VIP - Reviews

What’s actually not to love about condos? In choosing condominium modern living over the traditional house and lot in a village or subdivision, you get to live in a flat or unit that you own. Aside from this, you also enjoy the amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and community clubhouse or function room. Saving bucks from gym memberships and exterior maintenance, as well as maximizing opportunities in living the kind of life you’ve always wanted all seem feasible. More often than not, buying condominiums is indeed a smart choice, a very good investment.

The following things should convince you that condos are really for everyone and would definitely give you value for money at all cost. After all, that’s what you actually pay for: convenient and modern living at its finest.

Proximity and Accessibility
Designed for either families, couples or even solo living, WestWood Gardens condo units or bachelors pads are highly constructed for ultimate convenience and comfort of all the members of the household. So if you are living with your spouse and the kids, this condo tower is strategically situated very close to a variety of restaurants, luxury boutiques, world-class shopping malls, cinemas, supermarkets, parks, banks, and even hospitals.

Aside from those nearby establishments, you also have to consider its proximity to your workplace as well as to your kids’ future schools. As per WestWood Gardens in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, you may choose from much reputable public and private academic schools in the vicinity: Red Maple Public School, Langstaff Secondary School, St. Robert CHS, Global Montessori School & Day Nursery, TMS School Bayview Campus, and Seneca College Markham Campus.

Public transport must also be accessible. Walking distance to many transport passenger terminals like a bus, train, and cab stations as well as a quick drive to pass through Hwy 407, Hwy 7, and Hwy 404 routes, this premier condo is really ideal for commuters. Its being close to a bus rapid transit system that runs from Richmond Hill Centre Terminal to many connecting rides all over the location offers a very convenient way to run your errands and find the best – and the safest – mode of transit back home.

All these and more, WestWood Gardens condos really got you covered. You surely would want a future home that could take you anywhere really fast, safe, and sound.

Functional Amenities
So you’ve finally decided to buy a condo and start your little investments to a comfortable and cozy home. Now, here are some of the best amenities that you should look for in a condo unit you intend to buy.  

On an average, condos in Ontario, Canada have a standard package of a round the clock concierge service, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, fitness and sports centers, guest suites, in-house convenience stores, and even community clubhouses or function rooms for different events and gatherings.

Offering a wide range of serviceable amenities, this condo tower for VIPs in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada has to adhere to the demands of time and the changing preferences of the buying public especially the millennials. What these specific buying mobs actually look for in condos are something that can give them a vibrant street life, accessible green or off the grid space, sustainable trade, wellness centers like yoga studios and exercise hubs, entertainment and music ateliers, as well as some room for edible gardens suitable for urban farming and their pets, too.

The good thing here is that WestWood Gardens have most – if not all – of these functional amenities – blending practicality with such wow-factor that every condo buyer wishes to have. Future WestWood Gardens VIP residents can benefit and enjoy uninterrupted and easy access to a wide array of prestigious health and lifestyle amenities such as steam rooms, a media lounge, a theater room, and fully equipped music studio.

Great Value for Money
Investing into a high-rise condominium doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay whopping fees and maintenance costs. Contrary to what other people think, condo living allows you to have constant access to first-rate amenities and facilities at a not-so-expensive cost.

Though it is understood that condo ownership has maintenance and association fees, know that the said costs are still much lower than the amount you would usually spend for an outdoor pool at home or even set up your own DIY fitness center or yoga room at home. More so, maintenance of the said facilities would never be your concern as the management will do the job for you.

What may seem to be discreet to most people is that owning a condo actually poses minimal utility and maintenance costs. Imagine how much homeowners could save since they are sharing the costs of building and preserving the condo amenities with their fellow condo owners. Such savings from this expenditure can be allocated for something more worthwhile.

With the developers’ programs on preventive and corrective maintenance, it is guaranteed that you are comforted and protected by a full-bodied abode that is designed and built by a pool of experts.

Friendly Neighborhood
While Ontario’s high rise market has set the standards of quality and luxurious architectural designs that are built for maximum stability and comfort, Collecdev is committed to providing every homeowner with an innovative, livable, and progressive community without compromising safety, privacy, and sustainability.

A friendly neighborhood is comprised of hospitable people, responsible and considerate neighbors or fellow homeowners and tenants who are primarily law-abiding citizens. Proper decorum, as well as the perpetuation of the cozy and peaceful environment of the entire condo vicinity, generally depends on its developers and administrative personnel specifically in upholding and implementing policies.

A healthy and secure environment caters the needs of all the residents (of all ages) without any incidents of discrimination and hostility. The kids can play freely and use the amenities every time they want even with a very minimal supervision. Lots of activities in Richmond Hill condos are already lined up to amuse the kids and the kids at heart.

A community that advocates the values of social responsibility attribute to the success of every peace and order campaign. Expect a tranquil, safe, private, child and pet-friendly neighborhood once you step into the properties of WestWood Gardens. Living in it practically rewards you with not just a cozy suite that instantly blends with your personality and preference but most importantly with a “turf” or a sanctuary you can’t surely wait to call home.

Westwood Gardens Condo Towers are strategically located at 8868 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill, just north of Highway 7 at the corner of Yonge and Westwood Lane.

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